Thursday, October 2, 2008


Today is Lily's due date and serious contractions. I had some harder contractions in the wee hours of the night and lost my mucus plug this morning (fun stuff). So hopefully it's all a good sign that she will be with us by the end of the weekend!
Speaking of contractions ...
Jared has been having some contractions of his own!
Poor guy came home with a stomach ache Monday night and was in the Emergency Tuesday morning with Kindney stones! He's such a trooper--he can only miss a limited amount of time away from the academy and we were planning on that time being after Lily was born so he went into the academy and made it through the day Tuesday and Wednesday. Last night he came home in extreme pain and we made another trip to the Emergency where they hooked him up to some good drugs and had him on cloud 9. They did a CT scan and found some kidney stones, one being 5 millimeters!
Hopefully he passes it soon, otherwise Jared might have to be wheeled in for Lily's birth and share a recovery room with me!!
Someday we will look back and laugh at all this right?....PERFECT TIMING!


Melody said...

Oh my gosh you guys. I do NOT wish that on you. And isn't that just like Jared to try and steal the spotlight? (just kidding Jared!) I remember when Jason went to the ER with kidney stones, it's the worst. We will pray for you guys!

The Mills Family said...

Oh poor Jared! That is the worst, he is too young to have deal with any of that! I am sure the timing will work out fine. We'll pray for you!
Give Jared our best!

Good luck!

Laura said...

Oh, poor Jared! That really stinks. Shaun had tonsillitis the week before I was due and I had pink eye! It always has to come down to the last week, huh?

Lowe Down said...

GOOD LUCK! im so excited for you to be a mommy!!! That's so exciting! I hope everything goes well. and if you are absolutely ready for anything to get her out, try mineral oil.It works!!

CuriousGeorges said...

They thought I had kidney stones when I while I was pregnant. It ended up being my kidneys just being swollen because Charlotte was laying on them. No fun for him.

CuriousGeorges said...

Your mom wanted me to send you a list of things I think are must-haves:
(we talked at Heidi's shower)
Lansinoh Disposable Breast Pads
Lansinoh Lanolin (both are at Target)
Sports Bra that fits tight for when your milk comes in and you feel like you are going to pop.
Hopefully your hospital send you home with Tucks...if not, buy them! They are at the drugstore in a round tub.
BUTT PASTE (its the best)
Lecithin 1200mg (herbal supplement), it will help your milk ducts to stay lubricated and not clog which can cause infection and miserable-ness. It is also proven to help baby's brain development because they get it through the milk.
A robe for the hospital: I was always cold and it was nice to have something comfy to cover up with when visitors popped in. (slippers and favorite pillow too)
Biggest advice: my mom is an L&D nurse so she was able to explain a lot to me before they did everything. Ask questions and always ask the doctor if there are any other options. Put Jared in charge of that. Sometimes (frequently) doctors do things out of convenience. Such as: breaking your water too early, making you start pushing too early which could send you to a C-section unnecessarily...Laboring down for a while after you are complete is always a great idea. Let your contractions push Lily down for you until you feel a lot of pressure and her head is ready. Doctors get in a hurry and want to get things over with. Take your time and do it the way you want to. It is your labor and your body!

Okay, that's enough for now. Email me if you have any questions or you can call me at any time (honest! for any reason) email me and I will give you my numbers.(if you want them)

Mandi said...

Congratulations! Laura shared the good news. Hope everything went well and all three are healthy. Poor Jared, at least he appreciates labor now!

Logan and Heidi said...

So is the baby here yet?! That comment holly left is great... I made sure to take some notes. :) Good luck with everything!