Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gas Chamber & Pepper Spray

Jared has had to do some crazy stuff while he's been in the academy, but this surpasses them all! Yesterday he was put in a gas chamber and sprayed in the face with pepper spray. He said that the gas chamber is a lot of mind-over-matter and he was able to keep his cool...but the pepper spray was a different story...he said it was like someone threw 5 darts in each eye. The worst part was there was nothing you could do to ease the burning and swelling...he just had to take it. And take it he did...
HE'S THE MAN! I'm so proud of him :)

I hear there's a video floating around the academy, I'll be sure to get a copy of it, but until's a picture of him getting doused down with the OC spray.
PS- He graduates next week on the 19th@ 7:00...anyone is welcome to come !!


Ashley said...

I mean really, they have to have to make a spot on the team for that. I mean come on, pepper spray in the eyes! I had no idea they did that. Way to be a man Jared! You have definitely provided your bravery throughout this past year!


Tenille Gates said...

Congratulations. I hope he didn't shave that day.


Brittany Shae said...

Ouch! You know you have to be a TOUGH guy to get through that!!