Monday, February 23, 2009

Officer Metcalf

It's official! Jared graduated from the academy 2.19.09 and is now Officer Metcalf!
I am so proud of him! He definately earned his badge!
Here he is with 2 of his hardcore training officers,
Deputy Muller and Deputy Kirk
Jared received an extra special award, he was voted
His Proud Parents :)
After being sworn in with Folsom P.D.
We are honored to be "his girls"
The cute Gold Family
some of my family came for the occasion..thanks again!
Jared and his brother, Brady
Congrats Officer Metcalf! We LOVE You!


Laura said...

That's soooooo awesome! Tell Jared congratulations from us! We need to hang out again sometime soon, now that he's not so crazy busy with the police academy.

Lindsey said...

That's awesome! Good job Jared! SO....when you see me speeding by...don't pull me over okay!!!

Tenille Gates said...

CONGRATS! Thats AWESOME!! Its good to see that SO much hard work paid off for your hubby! We should start a cop wives club ;0)

Urmston Mom said...

Congrats to both of you.

Melody said...

Congrats Jared!! We are so proud of you. Dallin was looking at your blog with me and he said "Look Mom! A police officer!" And he's been talking about the police for the last 15 minutes. :) Hope we can see you guys soon!

Justin said...

Bro, you are amazing. Jason shared with us your gas/push-up experience! You are an animal!

Tony and Courtney Bozzuto said...

Yo Officer Metcalf congrats! We still gonna shoot...