Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to US!

We headed down to Fresno to celebrate our Birthdays and had a blast!

May 16th : Jared wasn't too excited about falling out of the "early 20's" stage, but I think he looks great and that's all that matters!

May 17th : I wasn't to thrilled about turning another year older either! I can't believe I am practically 10 YEARS older than my YW (miamaids)

Lily couldn't get enough of the Bennett Bunch. We sure are happy to have family that love our sweet Lily so much!

Happy Birthday to us :)


Rachelle said...

Happy Birthday! I love Lily looking up at you, that is so cute!

Brooke said...

Yay for Fresno! lol. I bet you guys had an awesome time! Oh, Parker is saying "Hello" to Lily!

Talynn said...

cute pics!! i love your main picture of your cute cute CUTE family!!! you are adorable! and about the whole age thing with your YW...thats how i feel with my YW!!

Tenille Gates said...

Happy Birthdayyyy! P.S. I cant get over how stinkin' CUTE Lily is! ♥