Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lily's 1st Birthday

Lily turned 1 this weekend, so we had a little Birthday Bash to celebrate.

She LOVED her cake. She kept saying mmmmm.

Opening all her fun presents and cute clothes

Her Favorite: a card (go figure!)

p.s.- No tears yet, I'm still in shock! She's not a baby anymore!!


the straz fam said...

I love the picture of her covered in cake! She is such beautiful little girl. And yes, the last year has FLOWN by...it really does seem like we were just in the hospital together (and Jared was too!)

Court and Tim said...

I love how her bib isn't even on! Crazy how fast the year has gone by.

Ashley Barnum said...

She looks so cute with cake all over her! Happy Birthday to Lily! Wow, if she's one, that means my Jayne will be one soon. Yikes!
Love your new background by the way. =)