Saturday, March 13, 2010

Berkeley and Mama C's baby shower

Last weekend a few of us gals threw Courtney and her little love bug a baby shower. Courtney drove us all crazy her ENTIRE pregnancy by NOT FINDING OUT the sex of their little babe. So we waited till Berkeley was here to have a "sip and see" shower. It was so much fun and was pretty cool to mix it up and have the baby at the shower.
Here is Miss B and her mama (who looks amazing already!):
Eliza whipped up this adorable banner ( she was MIA the week before the shower making this was worth it though!):
I made my first diaper cake (wasn't as hard as I thought):
and Alicia made the fun and festive pom-pom balls. (my new favorite decoration, I wish I could have these all over my house, they are so fun!):
some of the girls:
The yummy food ( yes, that is Chocolate covered strawberries to the left, they tasted even better than looked!):

End Result: Berkeley was thrilled to have so many cute clothes, I think she just might be dreaming of them all right here:

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Court and Tim said...

She's dreaming of her mom putting a headband back in her crazy hair. Thanks for our awesome celebration!