Monday, October 4, 2010

Look who's TWO

Happy 2nd Birthday to our Lily Bug!!

She's been singing "Happy Birthday to You" all week...but she wasn't sure what to think when she heard everyone singing to her:

Blowing out the candle:

Saying goodbye to her pony

Cousins: Lily, Jr, Dallen, Nikki and Maddy

Lily with her pony after the beat down:

With her new Minnie Mouse chef hat:

and this morning, she woke up to her new bike!  Here she is taking her first (of many) stroll around the block:
Happy B-day Bug...We love you so much!


Kendra and Jared said...

Ah, she's so adorable!

Rachelle said...

Happy Birthday darling girl! We too had so much fun and Matthew now says he is one...pause...two!

Miss you Lily already!

Monique57 said...

HAPPY Belated Birthday Lily! I hope you had fun. =)Linds she is so adorable. Are you all ready for baby # 2?