Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good, FREE fun

One word: Library
That's right. We went oldskool and got a library card!
Forgot how much fun it can be.
It brought back memories for me; going to the library to check out books for a school project, story time at the school library, writing my name in the card tucked away in the inside of the book, the feeling of responsibility I felt when I would check out a book, etc.

Here's Lily's pickins'

Some good reading right here:

It's a little weird that I have a kid old enough to have their own card, but I love it.
Lily loves it too. I have a feeling a trip to the library is going to be a weekly occurance for us!
Oh, and in other news; this little guy is 3 months old! Still the happiest, most easy-going baby ever!

I've got the cutest kids:



Jenna said...

Kayson is getting SO big!! He's ADORABLE!!!!

Court and Tim said...

B is inviting herself along on the next library trip. And Holy Moly Squeeze those 2 for me!

Aubrey said...

Look at him!! How did he get so big. They are darling!

THE HAGES said...

We love the library! My kids beg to go! HELLO!! Who doesnt love FREE entertainment! And your kids are so stinkin cute!! I cant believe how big Kayson is!

The Higginbothams said...

That's funny you say old school. I never stopped going to the library. We've gone weekly since Brady was 2, and it's so great! I'm glad you've rediscovered the joy of the library.