Friday, May 13, 2011

Lily's sweet tooth

Lily has a sweet tooth.  It's the inevitable.  Jared and I both love our sweets, so all of our kids are bound to be lovers of sugar.

Recently, Lily has been getting "cravings."  She figures out a way to get what she wants, she's so good, 1/2 the time I feel like baking was my idea.

Most recent example:
One morning Lily comes to me and says (in an excited voice) "Mommy, daddy wants me to make him some brownies...and Mommy, I will have one too"  Daddy is not even home, so I know SHE really wants the brownies.  I can't help but comply as she runs into her room, grabs her minnie mouse apron/hat and pulls a chair over to the counter. 

The only downside is that I have to share licking the bowl with someone, but when I see that face, I wouldn't even say that's a downside :)


Tenille Gates said...

thats awesome...our kiddos are destined to love sweets as well! I cant believe your little man is already cute! ♥ Oh, and congrats to your hubby for his new job.Thats great!

the straz fam said...

Oh my...Lily is beautiful!! She is so stinkin cute in those pictures! We love sweets around here too. Jackson told me his favorite thing to do make cookies with me, so of course we make them all the time! Hope Clovis is treating you guys well!