Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First time for everything

It's been a memorable week full of  good things and 1st for us. 

Kayson cut his 1st tooth.

Lily ran through the sprinklers for the 1st time.

Lily threw her binky in the trash.
(No picture of this grand event. Mommy didn't want to push it, she was already asking A LOT from Lily)

Kayson swang in the park swing for the 1st time.

Lily is potty trained.
(no picture, keeping it G rated)

Kayson went swimming for the 1st time.
(no pic, too busy splashing)

Life is so exciting and rewarding when you get to experience things like we did this week.

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Heather Chadwick said...

Lindsay! I am trying to get a hold of you. This is your cousin from C town. I cannot find your # and I can't find an acurate # for your parents. Please call me we want to have you over!