Saturday, July 23, 2011

Malibu- Bennett Family Reunion

Every 2 years the Bennett's try to get together for a reunion.  This year the numbers were smaller than usual, but we still had a blast.  We sure missed all the family that wasn't able to come.

Kayson and Grandma Great:
 Some of the crew:
 Uncle Parker (soon to be Elder Bennett):
 Lily Bug (is it just me, or is her hair getting long?!):
 Kayson (check out the new teethers):
 Playing football with daddy:
 Playing by the water:
 Wipe out !!! :
 Baby Kay
 Love him:
 Lily's mermaid tail:
 Daddy's Girl:
 Playing in the water:
 Kayson's shirt = 100% true :
 Postcard anyone? :
 Lily insisted on feeding her brother:
 Tackling Grandpa for a Fruit Roll up
(these kids know what's worth fighting for):
 Laurie, Fred, Grandma Bennett, Perry
 Me with my Grandma (it was SO fun spending time with her, I love her. When I was little, I looked up the her for her delicious sugar cookies and always having smarties in her purse.  Now I look up to her for her faith, testimony and great family she has raised...and maybe the fact that she still carries smarties on her.)
One more shoutout to my Jare Bear.  He is such an amazing father.  We are crazy about him. Can't wait to celebrate 6 years of marriage next month!

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