Saturday, September 17, 2011

The latest and greatest

Here is a few of the latest and greatest moments happening with Metcalf Mania 
(courtesy{and convenience} of iphone)

water park:
 this boy can't sit still:

 daddy-daughter date: Park and Lion King:
Ice Cream: 

messy boy:
 the kiddos:
 water park:
 having fun:
 Lily's new trick, cross eyed!:
 getting so big:
 at the park, our second home:
Lily made a brdige from the "hot lava":
 where's Kayson??:
getting brave:
 Sunday walks:
 silly boy:
 swimming at nana and papa's:
 swimming with daddy:
 so precious:
 Lily "working":
 messy boy:
 so quick..he pulled the toilet paper off the roll and dropped a toy in the toilet, all in 1 minute:
 Rock Star Kayson:
 Rockstar Lily:
 so sweet:
water park:
 we heart mickey mouse:
 story time:

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Kendra said...

they look like fun kiddos :)