Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Logan's Wedding

I am so happy for my oldest brother!  He got married this past weekend and it was beautiful!  Both him and his beautiful bride have overcome so much in their lives.  I am so proud of them and happy for their new life together as MR and MRS ♥ ♥

Logan & Janaye
So in Love
Flower Girls

 The Ring Bearer (Logan's Son) 

 The Wedding Party (5 sisters, 5 brothers and 2 in laws and 2 friends)
 Logan and his adorable son

 The Bennett Family
 my brothers
 father/daughter dance (love them)
 mother/son dance (love my boy)
 The Metcalf family

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Harrison and Christine said...

So wonderful! Everyone looks great! Please tell Landon "hello" for me, it has been forever since I've seen him!!