Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Huntington Beach

Since we were in SoCal for our Disneyland trip, we decided to take an extra day and play at the beach. We LOVE Huntington, it's one of our favorites. On the way we stopped off at Now and Then second hand store (for Jared) to see the Storage Wars hot spot.
Lily LOVED playing "tag" with the waves. I can't wait for our week long beach trip we have coming up this year. She is going to have a blast!

Kayson wasn't sure how he felt about the sand. He didn't like it, but LOVED the sea gulls. So after a few minutes of standing on the beach towel, looking at the sand and then looking at the sea gulls, he decided to give into the sand. That was pretty much how he spent the rest of the afternoon..chasing sea gulls. Silly boy!

Lily and I had so much fun digging for crabs, running from the waves, collecting sea shells and digging a big hole!

Jared was all Kayson wanted when we first got there. He was scared of the sand and the water...but dad helped him overcome his fear and then followed him on his sea gull chase. happy to be at the beach!!!


Court and Tim said...

I LOVE that footprint picture!

Highway Unicorn said...

Very cute family. I smile reading all the time ;)