Sunday, January 1, 2012


Big Day in the Metcalf Household.
Lily is now in the Sunbeam class in Primary!

She was so excited for church today. She kept reminding me that we had to hurry so we wouldn't be late b/c everyone would be waiting for her.

Here is a picture of her before church. She's ready to go, stuffed animals and all!

I'm also in Primary so I got to watch her. She was mostly watching (wide eyed) all the other wiggly kids and I think it might have intimidated her a little. She came and sat on my lap for a few minutes and then when it was time for singing time, she rang back to her seat. She loved sining "I am like a Star shining brightly" and "I am a Child of God." Next she was off to class. Oh, how we wish we could have been flies on that wall.
After church she ran up to daddy and said, "daddy we have a new baby in our class!" because the teacher teaching today had her baby girl with her. After things calmed down and we got home I asked her if she liked it and she said yes. She said that they learned about "Moses and how he was borned."

We are so proud of you and the little-big girl you are. You add so much sunshine to our lives! We love you Lily, our little SUNBEAM :)


Kendra said...

I can't believe she's already a sunbeam!

Court and Tim said...

ahhhh! I can;t believe how fast these kids are growing up! Also made me realize how long we have been friends and how much we have been through in that time