Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Woke up to Lily wishing us a Happy St. Patricks Day.  She was so excited and told us that her PJ's had green in them, so she should just wear them all day.  She then looked at Kayson's PJ's concerned b/c he didn't have green on.  She ran to his room and pulled a green shirt from his dresser and insisted I get him in green ASAP.

 Daddy talked in his Irish accent and made us all giggle. 

We named our leprachaun, Shaun.

We met Nana & Papa for dinner.  Lily pinched Papa for not wearing green.

We waited for Shaun to sneak in.  We told Lily it would probably be during nap time, b/c he's a sneak little guy who doesn't like to be seen.  Lily was too excited to nap. 

Luckily, while out shopping, Shaun the leprachaun snuck in our house and left a trail of chocolate clovers leading to gold coins and a few spring toys (green bubbles, bubble wands, a princess paint set, a hula hoop and puzzle)!!

Oh, can't forget...he left his tiny little footprints too! 

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