Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It's official, Easter is my favorite holiday.  I love Springtime, the beautiful Sunshine, the flowers, blossoms coming to life, the colors, the candy, general conference, the festivities and most of all...the time to celebrate the Ressurection of Jesus Christ.  I am so thankful for the ultimate Sacrifice of Jesus, and his triumph over death.  

What purpose and hope the Resurrection brings to my life and my family.

It's also been a great responsibility and privilege for us to teach Lily and Kayson the gospel truths.  To see them learning it for the first time, and to see it becoming a part of their every day life.  On Easter morning, Jared sat us down and read some scriptures about the crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ.  We were explaining to Lily that because of Jesus, we will all live again.  She then said with excitement, "Great Grandpa Died, and he will live again!!"  Exciting it is, that one day every soul will be reunited with it's body and that we will be reunited with all of our loved ones.

Happy Easter!

Our festivities included a ward activity with crafts, games and an egg hunt!   
 Later that afternoon we headed to The Gold's house to dye eggs and hang out with family.  Lily was so excited to dye eggs, she had watched Max and Ruby do it on TV and couldn't wait to do it herself.  Kayson, was not so into it. Maybe next year bud.
 The traditional family- egg dying picture.
 Lily's "L" egg
 Somehow, as excited as Lily was..she got burnt out after half a dozen and went outside to play. Jared and I were stuck excited to dye the rest.
 After egg dying, we had another egg hunt with the cousins.
 Kayson is one funny little dude.  He knew there was candy inside and all he needed to do was find one egg to get some candy.  So after the first egg, he went no further.  Just opened his egg, sat there and ate the candy inside.
 Lily, a little more seasoned than brother, knew that the more eggs she found meant more candy!

 Easter morning was so exciting.  The kids ran down the hall in search of their hidden baskets.  Kayson's was under the side table,
 and Lily's was behind the curtains!

 The one and only shot of the kids on Easter.  We were in a rush to make it to church on time, so I snapped a quick shot before we loaded up in the car.
 Lily was so excited to show and tell us what she made in her class!  A chocolate rice krispie tomb, with a vanilla wafer as the stone rolled.  Darling!

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