Friday, April 6, 2012


We loaded up the new van and took it for it's first (of many) road trip. 
Destination: Malibu

Kayson started this new "cheeeese" face anytime he see's the camera.  Pretty hilarous. 
 Here it is again...
 Kayson did the same thing he did a few months ago at the beach.  He would not touch the sand for the first 15 minutes, but then he realized if he was going to chase those birds he would have to conquer the sand.  It was all over from then on.

 Love that boy.
 Jared with his little munchkins
 Our Sweet Lily Bug.  She was sick 95% of the trip, but was such a trooper.  (We are sparing the sickness details b/c it's something we all want to forget. But we must give credit to the healing power of the priesthood, and to our father in heaven who guided us to the right Dr.)
 Love these little beach bums
 Dad's lil kahuna

Cousins.  Ethan, Kayson and Khloe 
 another "cheeese" face
 Hanging out with my Baby Kay
 Lily holding a baby Octopus,
 Yes, an OCTOPUS!
 The 5% of the time Lily was not sick, she was in the water, loving every freezing cold second of it!
 "cheese" with a binky in the mouth? I'm impressed.
 Tootsie Pop
 Grandpa rolling fruit by the foots for the kids.  A little tradition.
 Little Mermaid Lily
 So precious..

Looking at the Sand Crabs in the bucket

The boys
 The girls
 The fam

Malibu was not the vacation we had hoped for, but we came out on top!  Some other highlights of the trip that are not pictured: finding a starfish, seeing dolphins, camfires, thrift store shopping, walking to the camp store to pick out candy, watching the Sunset, flying our kite and letting Bambi run loose on the beach.

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