Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Highlights

Lily's prayers (always a highlight)
 Waking up to this boy (always a highlight)
 Playgroup fun
 Sleeping Sweetie
 Sleeping Sweetie
 Fort Time!
 The Biweekly Sam's Club trip
 Kid's day at Pottery Barn
 Playing at the mall
 An up-do
 me and my lil guy
 peek a boo!
 Yummy in the tummy
 Flag Day (Happy Birthday Chad)
 Date night with my little dude while daddy and Lily saw Madagascar 3
 worn out
 Father's Day (Love you daddy!)
 Red Robin FHE
 sweet little ones
 Mickey & Minnie
 Doc Mc Lily
 Handy Kayson
 The Future :)
 walking in daddy's shoes
 PURPLE HAIR! (grand opening of a new play area at mall)
 Lily's dance recital

Sunday walks 
 My big little helper :)
 Scripture Study Buddies :)
Playdate with Cousin Marley

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