Friday, November 30, 2012

November Highlights

Found Kayson in the front room--in the wagon, with my keys, my shoes, and his blanket.  How could I resist his face?!  On a walk we went.  I love being his mother.
Excuse the kids are making memories :)
Disney on Ice
Kayson's Birthday
Movie Night in the new Pirate tent
6:00 wake up call..he insisted on having his most prized possesions by his side
Playgroup Fun - Thankful Turkeys
Friday Night Movie Night --so cozy
Our first encounter with November...what?!

Woody PJ's
Ooopsie!  Papa mentioned he wanted a cupcake.  Next thing we know, Kayson was trying to get the cupcakes off the counter for him.  He pulled them down, and they flopped to the ground.
Star Student Lily
Kayson's run in with sister's lipstick
Cutest Turkey ever!
Friday Night Movie Night :)

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