Monday, December 10, 2012

Any Early Christmas

I was in the bathroom, doing Lily's hair when I heard this ripping noise.  I walked out to check on Kayson and this is what I found...
I had just put 4 presents under the tree the night before (while Kayson was sleeping) and forgot to explain to him that they can not be opened. 
So I imagine him discovering the presents under the tree, thinking to himself hey I just had my birthday and opened a ton of presents.  I know what I'm supposed to do.  He went to town, stopping at his of course, his new Pirate sword.
I ended up hiding the sword in my closet when he wasn't looking.  I didn't hide it that well b/c I was in such a hurry, I just tucked it behind some clothes hanging up.  A few weeks later, he found the sword in our closet and came walking out with it.  Poor guy, he must have been so confused.
He got that sword early, it never made it under the tree.

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