Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lily's Christmas Program at PreSchool

It was so much fun going to Lily's PreSchool Christmas Program. 
They came out with these cut elf hats on,
and little Miss Lily sung her heart out.
They did the cutest little bell went something like.
"Ring your bells and stop your feet. Turn around and touch the ground, Christmas time is here!"
After their adorable songs, they brought out a cute card and present they had made.
Santa made an appearance!  Each child got a turn sitting on his lap to tell him what they wanted for Christmas this year.  Lily told him she wanted a Lalaloopsy doll and a Baby Alive doll.  He also brought her a present--a new book!
 Even Kayson got a turn on Santa's lap.
Lily is so lucky to have fantastic teachers and friends.  We sure love all the hard work they put into cute crafts and activities--their Christmas Program was no exception.  It was aboslutely perfect.

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