Friday, January 18, 2013

It's the age of Princesses...and PIRATES.

Kayson is such a fun little guy.  He is full of energy and SO playful.  His current obsession (obsesssion might be an understatement) is PIRATES.
If you were to hang around our house for the day, you would be guaranteed to see him in sword fights, dressing up as a pirate, putting on his pirate hat, reading his pirate book, playing with his pirate toys, watching his Pirate movie and yelling out "arrrgghh matey" everywhere he goes.
First thing every morning he begs for his swords from ontop of the fridge.  (They are on top of the fridge because he usually gets them taken away 5+ times per day for chasing Lily through the house with them).  Once he's retreived his swords, he takes dad his sword and he claims HIS sword.  It has to be the one with Jack Sparrow on it.  Then him and daddy sword fight all morning while daddy gets ready for work.

He has such an imagination.  He loves making the "swooshing" and "slashing" noises when he swings his sword.  He will fall when he gets hit and say "aahhh."  He has to wear his hat sideways, which we think is hilarious.  He's also very particular in how he carries his sword.  It has to be tucked by his side, just like real pirates. 
Yes it's true. We really have it all here in the Metcalf house.  We have a Princess who shows us the softer things in life and we have a lil Pirate who keeps us entertained with his many adventures. 
Life is good.  Here's to wishing these kids never grow up!

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