Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow Day at Biggs Ranch

We headed up for a day in the snow at Biggs Ranch.  It's beautiful up there and we are grateful for our friends who invite us up there each year.
Kayson liked the snow much more than he did last year.  He mainly sat in the snow watching people sled down the hill.  He loved all the action.
Lily was in Snow Heaven.  The minute we got there, she threw herself ontop of a little hill and rolled down it.  She LOVED every mintue we were there and could have easily been there playing for another hour or two.
Here's the family
an action shot while sledding
Eating snow
Lily and Dad sledding down their first hill
Snow Cuties
Playing in the snow
Lily and Mommy
Mommy and Kayson
More snow eating

Ice Skating on a REAL pond.  Pretty spectacular.
Daddy taking Kayson for a ride on the ice
Going down the BIG hill
Snow Angel
Our family of 4 1/2
Lily is already asking when we will go to the snow again. We usually go once a year, but we just might have to make an exception for our Lily Bug :)

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