Monday, March 4, 2013


If you're a Metcalf, then you can never get enough of Disneyland.
 Mommy and her Boy
 Bugs Life Show
 Walt & Mickey (and a very pregnant {8 months} me)
 Waiting for the Pixar Parade
 Pretty Pretty Princess
 A Pirate's Life
 Lily and her Ariel
 Skipping along
 Donald Duck
 Lily & Kayson
 Driving Goofy's car
 Mickey Mouse
 Hugs for Minnie
 Our happy group
 Goofy's Go Gadget coaster
 Nana & Papa
 Minnie Mouse
 Lily and Emily (they have so much fun together)
 Snow White
 Waiting for the Disneyland Parade
 Nice "get-up" Kayson

We LOVE Disneyland :)

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:Britt: said...

Yes you guys do!!! So fun & cute!!! Super jealous!! Do you have season passes? We're getting them! Can't wait!