Thursday, January 9, 2014


A new year means new classes at church! 

Lily is now in the CTR (choose the right) 5 class. She loves her teacher! 

This year Kayson leaves nursery (ages 18 months-3 yrs) and enters into Primary. He wasn't sure about it all, I think he missed the toys and snack time nursery had (I don't blame him!). I sat with him for the first couple minutes until he gave me the okay to leave. On the way home he told me he was a good boy, oh and that he got lost. The story I got out of him was that he thought he saw me and went looking for me and his teacher came and found him and told him to come to class. Haha. Love that boy!

Emma continues to hang out with me ALL YEAR, which probably means hanging out in the mothers lounge and hallways a lot! 

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