Sunday, February 16, 2014

Big Boy Kayson!

It's been a long, and at times, frustrating process. I'm not a fan of the potty training gig. Some kids supposedly potty train themselves "over-night" but my experience has not been such. Kayson put up a good fight to stay im diapers. He would sit on the potty and then with a blank stare ask, "mom, what do I do?" Or would look down and say, "sorry mom, ITS broken." I was starting to worry that he would never get it.

After at least a dozen different trials, he finally caved in to a Potty prize basket filled with toys, stickers and candy. I should have known candy/toys was the way to his heart.

I'm ecstatic to have only ONE in diapers again. There used to be some days when I would have changed 5-6 diapers by lunch time! 

Thank you Kayson! So proud of you for taking such a big boy step! Way to go!

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