Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Girls weekend!

The boys headed to Biggs Ranch for the Father/Son campout and the girls stayed home and played. 

We went for pedicures (Lily's first), out to dinner, dallen's baseball game and then home into our PJs for a movie--lily chose The Croods.

We woke up early Saturday morning and grabbed donuts and hit up some garage sales. Lily planned the whole weekend and it was a blast!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ice Skating Field Trip

Lily's 1st field trip was a blast! We went ice skating for a couple hours.

Not only did Lily look adorable all bundled up, she was so brave! A little cautious at first, but by the end she was pushing along and even letting go to hold mommys hand. She loves the sled rides from mom too. 

Happy Park Days

It's the little things in life, like choo-choo training down the slide together. 

Big Boy Kayson!

It's been a long, and at times, frustrating process. I'm not a fan of the potty training gig. Some kids supposedly potty train themselves "over-night" but my experience has not been such. Kayson put up a good fight to stay im diapers. He would sit on the potty and then with a blank stare ask, "mom, what do I do?" Or would look down and say, "sorry mom, ITS broken." I was starting to worry that he would never get it.

After at least a dozen different trials, he finally caved in to a Potty prize basket filled with toys, stickers and candy. I should have known candy/toys was the way to his heart.

I'm ecstatic to have only ONE in diapers again. There used to be some days when I would have changed 5-6 diapers by lunch time! 

Thank you Kayson! So proud of you for taking such a big boy step! Way to go!

Valentine's day

I've got myself the cutest valentines! So blessed to have all then in my life! 

Donuts with DaD

Lily was VERY excited to have daddy join her at school for donuts! She got to shave his face and sing a special song to him. Dad LOVED the song and said Lily new every word. So glad daddy could share a special morning with his Princess.