Thursday, May 8, 2008

a MUCH needed UpDaTe:

We have been SERIOUSLY SLACKING on our blog...
Life has been busy, but still...
Jared is busy trying to pump out a few more months of school so that he can get his much deserved bachelorette degree in Criminal Justice. He should be graduating around July! He's excited to be done, but already misses his criminal classes and is trying to figure out how to get his Masters.

We are also playing the WAITING GAME right now with a few different police departments that Jared has applied at...Folsom & Rocklin. We are hoping will pull through so Jared can get his career started..if any of you get any surveys from either department, please give Jared high regards ;)

With YW's, work and a few other commitments, I've been busy passing the time and can't believe I'm almost 5 months! (19 weeks). The time has really gone by fast sofar, but I sense it might be "the calm before the storm"...I have a feeling that the

summer + my 3rd trimester are going to make up for this blissful state im experiencing right now!

I know everyone wants a "belly pic" up on here and I will get on that asap. I haven't really had a bump so posting a pic seemed silly. But literaly overnight I got the bump so a pic is on it's way!

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The Strazzos said...

Jackson and I went to watch the soccer game this evening and totally missed you! I think that you find out what you are having tomorrow...right? Can't wait to hear!