Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank Heaven for Little Girls...and MYLICON!

Our sweet Lily has been very fussy this past weekend and after trying everything we could think of to comfort her, MYLICON did the trick!

I gave her some last night with a nice soothing bath and she slept thru the night! Today she has been a completely different baby...no crying...content...and she will actually let me lay her down to nap (I love holding her, but all day long makes it hard to get anything done)!

What a difference Mylicon can make!

I LOVE my happy Lilybug!


Austin & Kristen Bennion said...

she is soooo cute!!!

Chris and Cortney Walker said...

Seriously that is how we made through the first couple of months with Duncan! its great stuff!

The Higginbothams said...

Congrats on getting Lily to sleep through the night. That is so exciting! Yes, I agree about putting her down to nap. You hate to do it but it's nice to have your arms free for a while.
Once I put Brady in the laundry basket with all the clean warm clothes from the dryer. He slept forever in there and it took a while to wake him up from his nap to eat.