Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The older I get the more I love this time of year! It's so nice to reflect on all my many blessings.
Here's just a few things that I'm THaNKFuL for:
- My wonderful, loving, patient, dedicated, funny, intelligent, understanding, lively, amazing, thoughtful, strong HUSBAND. I love him!
- My little LiLYBuG...the way her beautiful eyes look at me and speak words...her sweet smile...the way I hear her squirm at 4am and know that she is alive...her death grip on my hair...the way her ooo's and coo's make my heart smile...her strong spirit, she's all mine and I wouldn't have it any other way.
- Bambi...the way she snuggles right next to me under the blanket every morning while I work...her curious nature...the way her nub-of-a tail wags when she is happy...her sweet & loyal heart...the way I can talk to her and swear she understands...she's awesome.
- Family...they are the definition of unconditional love
- My MoM, she's always there for me.
- The attonement of Jesus Christ, what joy and hope it offers
- A good Laugh
- Pedicures
- True Friends
- A place to call HoMe
- Movie Marathons w/J
- Photos that capture moments
- Freedom and those who fought/fight to give me that blessing
- Vacations, they're the best!
- Life Lessons...the good ones always come with struggle
- My Health - the ability to smell chocolate chip cookies fresh from the over, to walk and run, to hear the way the waves sounds as the crash onto shore, to taste, and to see the leaves change colors each season.
- Knowledge, it truely is Power
- my Job and it's flexibility
- The Gospel (Prayer, the Scriptures, Heavenly Father, our Prophet, Service, the Temple, etc.)
- ....Y O U !!!!

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