Monday, April 27, 2009


A HUGE shout out to my mom for taking our pictures! I think we took close to 100 shots and only a few turned's not so easy to get a baby & dog to be looking at the camera at the right time. But the ones we did get are classic and I love them :)


Debbie said...

I think that all things considerd...they turned out great!I can't believe how happy Lily was especially when we woke her up with only 15 minutes of sleeping. When I did a close up on the last one she is actually eating, I'm glad that you liked them.I loved taking them it was fun. Can't wait to see you guys.
love ya,Mom

Lowe Down said...

Those are SO adorable! your littlegirl is so precious! I love looking at her pictures, she is so beautiful!

Megan said...

Your Family is adorable! And Lily is just the cutest little thing! Just looking at her little face you can't help but to smile!