Sunday, September 13, 2009

So Long Sweet Summer...

Since SUMMER comes but once a year, we decided to go out with a bang.

We headed to Fresno to spend Labor Day weekend celebrating my Grandpa's 80th Birthday!

It involved lots of catching up with Aunt's, Uncle's and Cousin's, swimming, food and more family fun. We are glad we were able to make the trip and see family.

Here we are with the Birthday Man himself:

A quick snapshot of me and some of my brothers:

Some of the Grandkids and some Great-Grandkids

My Family:

We came home from Fresno and took one day to re-coop, only to have Jared's best friend, and former mission companion come out for a visit with his adorable family.

We went to a Giants game:

at the fabulous AT&T ball park:

Lily had a blast:

After the game we walked around and did some site seeing.

It got chilly in the evening, good thing our girl was all snuggly and warm!

After a day in San Fransisco, we spent the rest of our week enjoying our visitors.

We took them to the Sacramento Temple:

The boys played Rock Band:

While the girls made Bows:

We had a fire and roasted marshmellows:

and just had a great time!

Lily couldn't get enough of her BFF Burke. They were too cute together!

P.S.--Lily turns 1 in 3 weeks! Ahh..when did she get so big?!


EandEBennett said...

OH MY GOSH, the bath picture is sooooo cute! Its amazing how fast they grow, and how much joy they bring to life. Oh, and that is funny how Ethan and Lily have the same favorite foods. lol she is too adorable, can't wait to see her again, hopefully soon. oh, and you look great in all your pics! such a beautiful family. =) I miss my Bennett Family =(

Debbie said...

Lindz, Looks like you guys had a great time with patrick and kayla. how sweet the pictures of the game in their matching outfits. Rock band looked like fun and I enjoyed the family pictures. You will have to share some with us since my camera battery was dead. I noticed Lilly in her new car seat, I bet she is lovin that. Missed you this weekend garage saleing, Dad and I went and we got some great stuff. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

Ashley Barnum said...

Looks like you guys really know how to have fun! It was good to see you, even just for a little bit. Glad to see you got Lily in her front facing car seat. She looks so happy in it!

The Millers said...

what a nice trip you guys were able to make! Looks like tons of fun!

Alicia said...

oh my gosh those pictures are soooo cute! lily's so big now!! and those bows are adorable! i think we should have a bow making girl hang out night!