Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time Out For Women--Highly Recommend it!

This weekend a few of my girl friends and I headed to Pleasanton for Time Out for Women( TOFW is a great thing, it has lots of great speakers and music--all geared towards women and how special we are.

As we were driving home, we were talking about how TOFW should be MANDATORY for all women @ least once a year! You come home feeling re-fueled and ready to take on the world and everything that might come with it.

One of the musician's that was there was Hilary Weeks, sang some amazing songs. She also did a little comedy act with some funny little jingles. I couldn't find my favorite one, but here is one she did, titled,
it's pretty funny, so I thought I'd share!

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Alicia said...

seriously how amazing was that!! i can't wait for next year!! i tried explaining the 'how the bevil' story to just wasn't the same!! and man...i look horrid in those pictures!! lol....