Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter

Easter 2010 found me with the flu.  It sucked.  But no worries, Lily was not neglected…Jared stepped up and did the Easter basket and some video taping of Lily.  Jared and Lily spent the day with Jared’s family and had a yummy Easter feast and came home with lots of goodies.

We did forget to take pictures of Lily on Easter with her basket so I took some yesterday.  Here she is with her basket and her new lamb she got from The Gold Family, she loves snuggling it, it’s so soft.

Easter 2010the goodies


Lily bug

We hope you guys had a great Easter Holiday. It’s definitely one to celebrate!


Court and Tim said...

those pictures turned out awesome. It was too cold too take the pictures I wanted of B. We took her brace off, snapped a few lame indoor ones and got her back in the brace.

Alicia said...

awww she looks so cute!! her dress is seriously adorable!

Ash said...