Monday, April 26, 2010

To Do’s

I’ve made myself a little do list for Lily and I that I
would love to have checked off by the middle of summer...

1. Get RID of this:

blog binky

2. Get Lily hooked on this: 

blog potty
So mommies out there, who have been there and done that, ANY advice would be greatly appreciated!


Us said...

if you discover what works...please let me know!!! I am in the same place

Clay and Kayde said...

Lily is so cute! So with Rhyen's pacifier I started by letting her only have it in her crib. So only naps and night time. Then after awhile of that you can take it away all together. I think it's an easier transition.

Jenna said...

We're in the process of doing the same thing with Jax's binky. We are doing the same thing that Clay and Kayde said in the above comment. It's already tough but we're trying to stick to our guns so that its doesn't get any worse than it already is!

Ashley Barnum said...

With the binky, all three of our kids had to go cold turkey. You could try only letting her have it at nap time and bed time first and then only at bed time and then not at all. But for us we just had to "lose" it and after a night or two, everything was peachy.
As for the potty training, my advice is to wait. Crazy I know because we all want to stop changing diapers as quickly as possible. We've found that if you try before they're really ready(which is usually not until around 2 1/2 or 3 years old --yeah, I know what you're thinking) it's just a struggle and frustration for all of you. When Lilly was almost 3 years old she just kind of did it herself with a small reward system, same with Jonah.
You'll know what's right for your Lily. Just putting in my 2 cents. Good luck!