Monday, June 7, 2010

Another day in Paradise

We got Lily as swimming pool.
I don't remember pools like this when I was a kid:

(wish that Deluxe pool came in my size!)

I asked Lily to show me her water shoes and this is what I got:
(what a natural)

Such a cutie:

Jared had to leave us for some work. Lily was sure to send him a video message:

(It made his day, of course!)

Summer Fun has officially begun:
**open invitation...we have the deluxe pool, a sitting area in the shade and a freezer full of Otter-PoPs...


Jenna said...

If we lived closer, I would be there in a heatbeat!!! That pool is too cute! We spent today in out little pool too :) Now if I could just find some Otter Pops!

Court and Tim said...

You had me at deluxe pool! I am sooo there...and I guess Berkeley may want to come too. That is the coolest pool ever. And how cute is Lily in her pigtails and water bottle!

Ash said...

We are so in!! That pool is it! Love love love! Cant wait to come play!! Oh and you are 5 months prego right? Cuz I cant tell!

Kendra and Jared said...

I would take you up on that invitation if we lived closer!

C.J. And Shea Anderson said...

Oh my gosh, that is the cutest thing ever. Good work Mom! :) Lily is so dang cute. We are soooo up for playtime!!!