Thursday, June 3, 2010

another Fresno trip

Jared had to head down to Fresno for something work related (new job=another post) and so we decided to go a few days early and hang out with the family.
Lily LOVES their backyard. She would spend all day out there if she could.
On Memorial Day we had some good swimming fun. Lily gets so much attention from her Aunt and Uncle's!
Uncle Parker:

Aunt Cambria:

Uncle Riley:
We have learned that Lily is a little dare-devil. Here's one more example:
(she doesn't look excited in the picture, but I promise, she was thrilled, watch the video below)

and of course, she always loves anytime with her mama:

Thanks for the fun Bennett family..see ya in 2 weeks!


Court and Tim said...

Now I'm officially dying to see her! We need to get some water activity time A-SAP! And who is this new daredevil she's turning into??? So lets go play together!

Harrison and Christine said...

So fun!! And Cambria and Lily look like they could be sisters!!

Debbie said...

Such good pictures you got while you were here. She is so adorable. I can hardly look at these pictures it makes me miss her sooo much. I love her joy and excitement for life. She truly is Papa and Grandma's little ray of sunshine.

Claudia Lawrence said...

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