Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What to do with a Boy ?

We are so excited to have a little guy join the family in a couple of months.
Sofar I've learned that BoY's are a little more complicated than girls..
-1.names are SO much harder
- 2. all bedding sets include sports or zoo animals
- 3. clothes are much harder to come buy...you can't buy any brand and make it cute with a fun bow.
But they are still so much fun...
-1. we have narrowed down the names to Brody, McKay and Kayson (McKay is our front runner right now)
-2. I have found a very cute bedding set that is in the mail...it's called ahoy mate :)
- 3. His little closet is already filling up with cute polo's, cargo shorts and Hurley shirts.
The more shopping I do, the more excited I get :)
-Take our poll on side to help us on his name, or if you have any super cute boy names, holla!


Bacchus Family said...

Yeah for a boy! Boys are awesome. Clothes are tough but boy do they love their moms.

Mary said...

I wanted a girl at first so badly!! But now that i have a boy, I would totally be happy with all boys!! So much fun. Yeah, it is harder to find cute boy clothes, but when you do find cute stuff it is really CUTE! I had the same problem with the bedding, that is why I made my own...I don't have a girl, but boys are a blast!!!

izmir ila├žlama ┼čirketleri said...

thanks for articles.

Kaisa Bailey said...

I completely agree wih you 1000x over on all of this stuff. Get a hint baby world and make cuter boy bedding! And Otto can wear some of Lakai clothes because baby boy styles have hardly changed.....I am so excited for you guys!

kelsey said...

McKay is suuuuuch a cute name, love it! And little man clothes are the cutest! So excited you are having a boy, lily will be such a cute older sister!

FONT LOVER said...

thanks for sharing.
warm greeting for your lovely family 0_0

SummerKnight said...

Oh I wanted a little girl so bad, but I have learned to live with my little man! Any store you walk in there are miles and miles of cute girl clothes, and a tiny section of boy clothes! Good luck on your little man. I am in love with the name Brody (: