Sunday, July 11, 2010

to another year at Bass Lake

We spent 5 AMAZING days up at Bass Lake. It is so beautiful and one of our favorite vacations we look forward to every year. We get the same cabin every year. It's so cozy and feels just like a home away from home.
We spent the 4th out on the boat and watched their annual fireworks while floating in the middle of the lake.

Everything is better with kids (especially Holidays). With every firework, you could hear an "OOOH" or "WOW" from Lily.
She was so into it, she wanted to find the best seat on the boat, so she tried everyone's lap. Here she is with Uncle Parker.

The rest of the week was spent doing what we do best:

Playing on the shore

and in the water,

Feeding the ducks,

sitting on the deck, watching boats ride by,
Hanging out with Gma, more adventures with Gpa,

Throwing water balloons with Riley,
Boat rides,

Eating sweets,
Hanging out on the dock, Lunch at our favorite resteraunt on the lake,
and so much more (Tootsie Pops, naps, movie nights, WipeOut, UNO, reading books, flipping through magazines, floating in the lake, doing absolutely nothing, etc. etc.)...we had a good time to say the least!
AHH, Bass Lake...Thanks for being so good to us time and time again!

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Ashley Barnum said...

It sounds like such a fun vacation! I love Lily's face on the tube with Jared. Priceless!