Friday, August 27, 2010

Special Agent Metcalf

First, We are SO SO blessed.  I can't begin to acknowlege Heavenly Father's hand in helping guide our family to a career for Jared. 
Over a year ago, we made a list of our Family Goals and things that we could not compromise when it came to our family and a career for Jared.  With much faith, we turned down Folsom PD (a career that looked good on paper, but we felt wrong about in our hearts) hoping that Heavenly Father would point us in a path that met all of our family goals.

Here we are, with a CONDITIONAL JOB OFFER.  It's with the FBI and we couldn't be any more excited!!  It's still another 5 month hiring process-- background check, physical test, polygraph, etc. etc.  We are very hopeful and positive that it will all work out.

What it means for us:
-Another academy for Jared - (5 months in Virginia)
-Relocating our family for at least 3 years (yes, we are sad to leave friends and family)
-Lindsey doesn't have to work! (that's right fellow mommies-- play dates galore!)
- A career that checks off everything on our Family Goals list :) (and so much more)
- A sweet job that Jared will LOVE (Love could be an understatement)
-SPECIAL I need to say more?

I am so proud of Jared...what a great career choice, he's perfect for it :)


Harrison and Christine said...

Wow, Lindsey that is SO exciting!!

Jenna said...

That's awesome Linds!! I'm so happy for you guys! Where will you be moving to... besides Virginia? I'm really happy that things are working out well for your family!! XOXO

Ashley said...

We couldn't be more happy for you guys. What a blessing! What a relief and to get to stop working! Congratulations!!

Keep us posted
The Mills Crew

the straz fam said...

Wow, that is awesome!! Congrats Jared!

Ashley Barnum said...

That's great! You'll have to keep us updated on the rest of the process. I'm glad everything is working out. Having a job that he loves will be such a blessing!

Rachelle said...

Congrats!! It's great to see you guys so blessed.

Logan and Heidi said...

You know if you guys come to Puerto Rico for 5 years you can live where ever you want the rest of his career! Our ward is like 75% FBI agents and they're families. :) Congrats! I'm sure it feels so good to be moving towards what he really wants!

CRJFamily said...

Awesome! It is so neat to see God working out the details when you put your trust in Him!

Alicia said...

this is so exciting!! we are so stoked for you guys!! it is going to be an amazing adventure!!