Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great Grandma Bennett

We had a special weekend.  Lily got to meet her Great Grandma Bennett for the first time.  Great Gma Bennett made Lily her favorite blankey that she has to have all the time.  I have to sneak it away from her just to wash it!

It was so good to see her.  I have many fond childhood memories with my Grandma.  I loved making sugar cookies with her, they were so fun to decorate and even more enjoyable to eat!  We were pen-pals...I would get letters from my grandma that she typed up on her typewritter, how awesome is that?!  She would also bring me my favorite converstaion hearts candy when she would come visit.  So many more, but thats just to name a few.

I'm so glad she came, and we got to see her...even it it was brief.

Of course we took advantage of Labor day weekend and spent it in Fresno. 

Lily and I stayed a few extra days and rode the train home.  Lily was SO excited to ride the "Choo Choo" home to daddy.  She did great, it was a late train ride (8:30-11:30pm) but she was one happy girl.  She even fell asleep for me!

Here she is, so happy for her Choo Choo ride:

Oh and here's a little video of Lily and Bria Hula dancing.....cute girls!

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C.J. And Shea Anderson said...

So much fun!!! :) Lily is so cute!