Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm

Fall would not be complete without a trip to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm!
Lily would not go near the goats and Kayson was very unsure about all the livestock.

Hay Jump
Playing on the train

Kayson's 1st Bishop's Farm trip :)
Train Ride

Jail House


Lily's photo choice: (we were sitting on a bench eating ice cream when Lily pointed to the bus and said, "Mom, should we go stick our heads in there and take a picture?!"
The fam
Now that we have made our trip to Bishop's and the Halloween decorations have been up in our house...we can officially

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Us'ens said...

Absolutely adorable pics!! What a beautiful family! Hope to meet ALL of you in the not-to-far-future!!
Hugs to all!!