Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We had awesome Halloween!

Lily and Daddy went on a date, to Disney on Ice:
She loves her dad, can't you tell?

Pumpkin Carving--Lily HAD to have 3 pumpkins 
(everything is "3" these days...3 minutes, 3 more bites, 3 years old, etc)
 Kayson wasn't sure about the pumpkins
 Lily loved pulling out the pumpkin "guts"

 and I loved hanging out with my little munchkins

 Lily's best friend, Taite came over to play on Halloween afternoon
The girls had fun decorating the door behind them with fun window clings
 and made some silly faces
can't wait to show them when they're 16
 Then trick or treating began!
Lily was Belle.  She looked so pretty!
 and Kayson is was our little monkey
 Jared was feeling a little festive, so he pulled out the Jack Sparrow wig.
 We trick-or-treated into some friends
again, can't wait to show them when they're 16
 and Nana and Papa made a visit
 We trick or treated until Lily's got tired, but the fun didn't stop there...
 We came home, sat on our porch, turned on some Halloween music  (like I said, Jared was feeling it), and handed out candy to trick or treaters.
 Then we went inside and dumped out the goods candy!
 They each picked out a piece or two to eat

 Then we watched Shrek's Halloween episode and called it a night.  Here's our pumpkins... Jared and I have been watching the food network's Halloween Wars, which includes pumpkin carving.  We got bit by the carving bug...we might have used an electric bread knife for some of the cutting.  Just saying.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!  Now bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas :) :)


Kendra said...

So, so darling! Why do pics of your kids always make my heart melt? Oh, because they're beautiful!

Court and Tim said...

It really looks so fun at the metcalf casa! Love the pix with Jared and Belle going to Disney on Ice.

Rachelle said...

Darling family, so glad you guys are back!!

Harrison and Christine said...

Ok, those pumpkins are amazing! So fun!

Anonymous said...

WOW! So lovely they are! How I envy them!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What a happy family!