Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Little Miss Lily

Lily turned 3 in October. My BFF, who is so talented (and 5 months pregnant with TWIN BOYS) took Lily's "THREE" year old pictures.

Lily is such a sweet girl!  She has a big personality that can demand a lot of attention at times, but other times she surprises us with her tender nature.  It's the PERFECT mix of entertainment and sweetness. 

She is a girly - girl.  She LOVES baby dolls, anything princess, dancing, fingerpainting, singing, play dough, chocolate milkshakes, the park and her playgroup play dates.

She has recently surprised us with her B I G imagination.  Any object can be a baby in need of some "mothering," her stroller is her pirate ship, her brother a monster, and she even has an IMAGINARY friend named Tema.

We sure love you Lily Bug!  Thank you for all the sweet and sassiness you bring to our family! 


Kendra said...

She is one cute gal.

Rachelle said...

LOVE that girl. Matthew could have cared less about anyone else today being at play group, just wanted to be sure Lily would be!!

Jenna said...

Lindsey! These pictures are too adorable! I love all her outfits and her cute attitude and her cute smiles. Too adorable!!

Court and Tim said...

She sure does fill the room with her sparkling personality. And a great fiend to my B too. Thanks for letting me do her pix! She is so gorgeous!

Austin and Kristen Bennion said...

Look how photogenic and what a natural she is at taking pictures! She sure is cute!