Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A MERRY little Metcalf CHRISTMAS

We had the Merriest Christmas yet!
The kids are at such exciting ages which made Christmas quite MAGICAL.
We filled our December with traditions; both old and new.
Our Christmas Eve was spent decorating Sugar Cookies at Nana and Papa's house. We read the story of Jesus Christ's birth from both the Book of Mormon and The Bible. We watched a few movies about our Savior's birth (Joy to the World and The Nativity.) Then it was time for bed. We picked out some cookies to leave for Santa. We left some carrots and water (Lily insisted the reindeer would be thirsty) for the reindeer.
Lily had fun "taste testing" the water for the reindeer.
Then the hardest part...falling asleep!! Kayson of course had no problem, but Lily was too excited. Every little noise heard was follwed by daddy checking to see if it was Santa.Once the children were nestled in their beds (or mommy and daddy's bed),
Santa did indeed comehe left us the nicest letter too! He sure knows the Metcalf Family well ;)Christmas Morning came and the kids were off to check out their presentsSanta brought Kayson a basketball hoop! It's Kayson's favorite! Every basket he scores is followed by lots of cheers and claps for himself. Pretty stinkin' cute.Lily was so happy that Santa filled our stockings. Along with the See's Candy and Princess body wash, Santa brought Lily a Nala stuffed animal. (Kayson got Simba).
Nala has not left Lily's side.
Opening presents...Princess dolls! (to go with her castle that Santa brought her!)Santa surprised Jared and I with a 32" TV for our bedroom!
Jared got a nice and comfy robe too!
I was the most surprised of all though. Jared melted my heart with a DVD he made for me. It is so sweet and thoughtful. I will cherish it forever.
As if one homemade gift isn't enough, My dad made me a beautiful shelf! I have been searching for the perfect shelf for my mud room and he made a custom one for me! I felt so blessed and loved. Another gift I will have forever.
Santa also stuffed our stockings with some Disney gift cards. So we will be starting off the New Year right...Disneyland here we come :):)

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