Thursday, December 29, 2011

Letter from Santa

Dear Metcalf Family,

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to all of you! It is always so nice to come visit your house each year. I know this past year has brought a lot of change for each of you and I mush say how proud I am for the way you guys have stuck together.

Lily, my sweet Lily. I have watched you grow so much this year! You are turning in to such a BIG girl! I hopeyou enjoy playing with your brand new doll house that I brought for you. You have been such a good girl. You are such a good big sister to Kayson, I know he loves you very much. Your parents love you so much too...just be sure you listen to what your Mommy and Daddy tell you to do. Make sure you play nice with your brother Kayson. Keep being the nice girl I know you are and have fun with all your new toys. I will be watching you this year so keep being my Silly Lily!

Kayson, oh how much fun you are to watch. I don't know of a happier boy in all the world! You bring smiles to everyone around you :) I am sure you will get a lot of good use out of this new ball and basketball hoop! Now for you Kayson, be sure not to pull on your sister Lily's hair. Oh...and please don't climb on anything too high, it really makes your parents nervous! Kayson, you are such a good boy. Your sister Lily, your mommy and your daddy love you very much. I look forward to seeing you grow this year and hopefully see you add more than a few "grunts" to your vocabulary.

Bambi, you truly are loved by Lily, Kayson and your mommy and daddy. You are so good at cuddling with everyone! Be sure you stop barking so much and don't chew anymore toys! I got you some treats but they almost got eaten by Rudolph! Keep being the seweet, loyal Bambers.

Lindsey, oh how so very proud I am of you! You truly are the rock and founation of the family. I have been watching you really closely and know that I am aware of how much you have gone through this year. Please know that Jared loves you so very much. He only wants to be the best for you. Now, be sure not to get too frusterated with him, but I do know how hard he can be to deal with. Oh, and one more thing, your reallyl ought to go "five for five" more often, that really would be nice of you. Keep up your hardwork and know that your family loves you with all of their hearts.

Jared, well what can I say? I am glad you finally made up your mind with a job. Try not to be grumpy and don't lay around so much! Your family adores and loves you so be sure to make them happy. I know you try very hard to do the right thing so keep it up, I will be watching!

Well Merry Christmas, Metcalf Family! Enjoy all your presents and thank you for the treats! I loved the cookies and Rudolph and all of the reindeer loved the carrots and water. Oh and sorry bu I think Rudolph went poo-poo on your roof.

Santa Clause

PS Those Disney cards are for a Disneyland trip you will go on next week, enjoy!!