Monday, January 30, 2012

January Highlights

Daddy walking Lily to her first day in Primary (:

He loves his DaD

Every time Lily gets out of the bath and uses her princess towel she says, "I need to go find my handsome Prince."  She will then go find Jared and he will carry her like the princess she is, back into her bedroom to get dressed.

 Bath time silly faces... 

Playing Hide N Seek..where's Kayson?!

LiL Pirate

getting into cupboards...

 getting into Cheese Balls
 Trying to fit through the castle door...

  finding a cup of water and pouring it all over himself...
 Lily's lost Pluto turns up
 Lily started dance!

 Marley is born..YaY for new cousins
 Playing at the Park

Hanging out

 Jared went to run an errand and Lily really wanted to go.  After waving goodbye to dad, I found Lily in her room getting her self ready to go.  She told me she was going to go find him. At least she knew to dress warm!
 Wrestling...happens almost every night around here.

Kayson, riding a scooter at 14 months, pretty Studly!

Some other things that happened this month:

Jared had Surgery #3 (kidney stone related)

Grandpa Loy passed away.  He was probably my #1 blog fan, but I know he isn't missing any of these moments, he's watching them from heaven above.  Bless his soul.

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Kendra said...

such cute kiddos!