Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CuRiouS KaYSoN

There is never a dull moment over here, and most of the credit goes to Kayson.  He is just SO CURIOUS!!

Here's some of the recent "Curious Kayson" moments:

 CLIMBING on the bed
 CLIMBING back into the bath tub
 CLIMBING under chairs...

 Not sure what to even call this...

 Getting into the dog food
 CLIMBING on the table (gasp!)

And today, at almost 15 months exactly,
 he can open ALL doors in our house 
Bring on more "Curious Kayson" Moments :)

1 comment:

Court and Tim said...

That's why him and B get along so well. I feel like I'm reading my life with Berkeley. But love his fancy shirt do he does. And how could you not want to squeeze on that cute face!