Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Highlights

Jamba Juice :) start 'em young

Park Play Dates

Post-Park Nap time


Sorry Kayson, you're not THAT small!
Rainy day (one of the few)..playing at the party place

Baking V-day cupcakes

more park days

Kayson's new tool bench (thanks Gold family)

How I found Kayson one morning...

Valentine's Day

LOVE my little helpers

Sweet girl

Lily and Taite (Toy Story on Ice)
 Lily and Taite being silly @ Toy Story on Ice
 The new ride...
 Snuggling Kayson back to good health (BOO for pink eye, ear infection and a runny nose)
 Lily--LOVES her Princess songs!
 Kayson saying prayer

Another one for the books...
At the DR.'s office, and the person checking us in asks Lily if she knows her last name (which she does).  She got shy and wouldn't talk.  So after we sat down in the waiting room, Lily said to me, "Mom, I know my name is Lily Metcalf, but sometimes it's Lily Bug."  HAHA

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